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Matheran Valley English Medium School,

Vanjarpada, Devpada Road. Neral.
Karjat - 410 101

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The Matheran Valley Insititute of Excellence in Neral is run by the Bharat Education Society, Kurla. It is situated atop a panoramic and scenic hilltop in Neral and affords a magical view of the valley of Neral as well as the beauty of the Matheran peaks..Neral was chosen by The Bharat Education Society (Kurla)to start its first school outside Mumbai with a mission to ensure that all students receive a sound education, a firm cultural identity and become self-reliant and contributing members of their community and the world at large. The location at Neral also fulfillsrural upliftment and empowerment of children from rual areas to equip them join the mainstream of the Nation.

In this era of globalization and onset of knowl;edge based society, knowledge and innovation has become key ingredients for growth and progress of and individual. Therefore the focus of the education initiative in Matheran Valley Institute of Excellence is on developing pupils who could contribute to the “grey revolution” and promote entrepreneurial skills.

The site of the school isa beautiful landscape of trees & rock formations and provides a large natural area for our students and future educational projects . The school in its desire to become a community center for the society caters to this lifelong learning process, making education process realistic,keeping in mind the present and future, to create logical, inventive and innovative minds and to provide platforms to students to demonstrate their talents

In anticipation of the societal need B.E.S (Kurla) has launched “Matheran Valley Institute of Excellence” with plans underway to enrich the lives of various age groups in the society through a variety of programme and courses offered by it. Management skills will be honed to make better leaders for the future.

With over 32 acres of land, Bharat education Society is in the process of building a state –of- the- art interactive educational town for education, science, technology, pharmacy, law, mathematics, sports and the arts.Matheran Valley Institute of Excellence also believes that a sustainable vocational education and training is fundamental to the National education system in a fast progressing country.
By the year 2020, to be the centre of excellence and Effective Educational transaction.

The first phase includes the setting up School of education (B.Ed/ D.Ed) which aims to provide a learning experience in the field of Teacher Education through degree and other programmes resulting in quality teacher educators, educational administrators and researchers by adopting a carefully balanced curriculum embedded with innovative practices.The School will also seek to develop the knowledge, wisdom, and imagination of its students to enable them to take leadership positions in efforts to improve the quality of education around the globe.

The conservation work at MatheranValley Institute of Education concentrates on the following areas:

  • Water Conservation and rain water harvesting
  • Reforesting barren hill slopes
  • Soil and moisture conservation and wasteland development
  • Use of alternative energy
  • Employment opportunities for the locals

The Advisory Board is seeking ideas for future Educational Projects. As the Institute of Excellence is run by a charitable organization, funding opportunities for various educational Projects as well as conservation activities are available for those who would like to be involved in the project from the ground up. Naming opportunities for the construction and exhibit phases will be provided to interested stakeholders in the near or distant future. Bharat Education Society looks forward to evolve into an Autonomous University in years to come.