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Vivek English High School,
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Kurla (E)

Mumbai 400 070

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About Us

In the year 1972 Bharat Education society ,Kurla, started the Vivek English High School. The Main objective of the trust was to provide good quality education to the poor and downtrodden people of the Kurla and particularly the slum people of kasiwada.The aim, is not merely the intellectual education of students, but the careful development of all the moral and social habits which are the basis for the information of upright and loyal citizens of our country. Let the spirit lead the matter. Overall development of BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT is our motto

The Mission statement of the school

Transforming life of Indians through empowerment by education. "Maximum happiness for maximum people for maximum time."

Vision 2020 statement of the school.

By the year 2020, to be the centre of excellence and Effective Educational transaction.

Managing Council: The Managing Council consists of very able and educated members. Every member is a has good expertise in their field of specialization. A very good combination of both old , young, wise and logical people. Matters are discussed and decided as per the merits.

About the school:

The school started functioning in the year 1972 and The Mumbai Municipal Corporation gave permission to start the primary section in 1973. The first recognition was accorded by the Muncipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai in year 1975 . It was just a asbestos sheet shed consisting of 2 rooms. Later on in 1975 more land was taken under lease aggrement from wadia trust . additional 4 rooms were constructed . A full fledge primary school was now working . As we did not have secondary section attached to the school many parents were not finding comfortable to send the students to this school. We felt need to upgrade the school from primary to high school is necessary. In the year 1986 , we started the secondary section . We got permission and recognition for secondary section 1989. Our first batch of SSC students appeared for exam in 1996. Under the able guidance of President Dr. Gopa Kumar G.Nair, the managing council took up various steps to improve the infrastructure. Today, i.e 2011, we have a state of art 4 storied building, with all the amenities. All the class rooms have P.A. System, LCD Projectors , Interactive Black Board system. Best Security system is in place.


  • Managing Council wishes to record the deep sense of appreciation for the good performance of the teaching and non-teaching staff of both the schools during the year under review and wishes to thank all those who had exerted their maximum to bring up the schools and their activities in the year under review.
  • The Managing Council wishes the Education Inspectors Education Department, Government of Maharashtra and Bombay Municipal Corporation for their assistance in all our efforts.

We take this opportunity to thank all members of the Society in their wholehearted support in the betterment of the society and its activities but for which we would not have made such progress.