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Vivek English High School,
Quresh Nagar,

Kurla (E)

Mumbai 400 070

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The school provides a vibrant forum for quality education, with a scientific temper, adaptive to the changing needs of time so that they become confident and ready to step out in today's challenging world. We follow the system of continuous assessment, which relives the student of the stress that the traditional examination invariably causes. Here our point of wisdom is stop living your life by default and start living your life by design. Our experienced and qualified staff gives the best hands on education to the students.

The students move from a complete hands-on experiential integrated methodology to a more formalized approach to learning and assessment. The school ensures practice of the previously learned skills and knowledge and introduction of new ones.

The school encourages the formation of good skills and attitudes along with the knowledge component. The in-house curriculum is so structured so as to guide students to handle knowledge and acquire life skills comfortably.

Special Features

  • Emphasis on the spirit of enquiry, observation skills, reasoning skills and experimentation.
  • Scouts, guides, NCC & RSP cadets.
  • Emphasis on conceptual understanding and its application.
  • Continuous and comprehensive assessments which are summative & formative.

The role of assessments in the Project method of the curriculum is more with a view to assess comprehension of concepts than to accumulate knowledge and information. In a dynamic world where children need to stay grounded to their roots and develop the right value systems as well as keep pace with changing times the school curriculum goes a long way in enabling every child to develop and maintain the right balance. With this in mind the focus of the curriculum is to develop interactive and participative skills as well as a questioning mind. The primary duty of the teacher is to become a builder of Human trust.