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Vivek English High School,
Quresh Nagar,

Kurla (E)

Mumbai 400 070

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Monthly tentative dates Pre-Primary Primary Secondary
June 1 -10 Fees Payment Fees Payment Fees Payment
13-Jun   school reopens staff meeting school reopens staff meeting
June 20th -25th   Drawing contest class-wise V- VIII  handwriting contest & drawing contest-class wise.  Distribution of books
June 27th -2nd  July     X Std 1st  Unit Test.
July 9th     Open day for X.  PTA Meeting
July 11th  - 16th   Singing contest 1) Language Club, Elocution/Poem recitation Eng/Hindi/Marath/Sanskrit(Class-wise)               2)**Medical check up
July25th     Subject-wise open book test for v-VIII IX-Assignments or class test
Aug1st to 8th     Unit test for IX & X
Aug 13th     Open day for  V- X
Aug 15th     Independence day celebration
Aug 22nd     Quiz Std V-X subject wise & class wise
Sept 5th Teachers Day Teachers Day Teachers Day
Sept 12th - 17th     V- VIII  Open book test/orals/assignments
Oct 1st to 5th     Revision
Oct7th to 19th     Terminal exam & practices V- X
Nov 19th     Open day for V- X
Nov 26th     PTA Meeting
Dec 12-19     Xth Prelims(Collection & corrections of EVS projects & journal, etc)
Dec 19th -23rd     sports & cultural activities, picnic
Jan 2nd to 7th    

1) Open book - test/orals/assignments V-IX
2) X  -orals/Practical revision

Jan12th to 24th     Prelims Xth ; IX U.T
Jan 26th Republic Day   Republic Day
Jan 30th     Journals certification, Career Guidance, orals ,EVS Exam
January 31st     PTA Meeting for Xth std students
1st Feb to 8th Feb     Farewell to Xth students,
12th Feb to 22nd Feb     orals, EVS Practicals- Board Exam
23rd Feb to 18th March     SSC Board Exam & std IX final & Practicals
20th March to 30th March     Preparations & revision for final exam of Std V to VIII
27th March to 8th April     Final exam 5th to 8th
31st March     Openday for IX
2nd April to 30th April     Classes for Xth begins
27th April     Result for 5th to 8th
30th April     Staff Meeting