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Teaching Methodology

OUR TEACHING METHODOLOGY is designed to kindle in every child a curiosity to know, thereby making learning experiential. This is done by engaging the children in activities related to lesson rather than on 'rote learning'. This helps in laying a strong foundation in concepts. Our methodology helps to culture the body, mind and emotions, and create a sense of belongingness with the whole world. It helps in preparing children to live with a smile in this ever-changing world by equipping them with all the necessary skills, information and wisdom to be worthy global citizens.

The focus is not only on academics, but on all-round development of the child.

Group Discussion

  • Groups are allotted different units of the lesson.
  • Read and understand (if necessary take help of the dictionary).
  • Form Questions.
  • Sort down the main points.
  • Group leaders introduce the lesson, ask Questions, elicit the main points.
  • A teacher summarizes with link and fills up if any point is left out.


  • Poem recitation.
  • Quiz Competition.
  • Find out the meanings from the dictionary and use them in your own sentence.
  • Reading.
  • Words on the black board.
  • Collecting more information from various sources.
  • Project making.
  • Assignment writing.
  • Role play / dramatization.
  • Field visit.